Depression - is a word used by our modern society to describe a variety of states of consciousness and habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in the world.

Typically, people who have been labelled to be "depressed" or suffering from "depression"
have some of the following symptoms - sadness, despair, tiredness, lethargy, grief, frustration, guilt, anger, sleeplessness, overeating, loss of appetite etc.

These symptoms and patterns of thought and emotions, tend to move in a cycle of its own, once it emerges in a person's mind.

The cycle may have begun from something very real in one's life as a result of loss, trauma, fear, phobias, illness etc.

Whatever the cause, like a train of domino tiles, each symptom builds upon itself and soon, the person is in the wheel of depression where tiredness leads into frustration, which in turn escalates feelings of guilt and anger and so causes sleeplessness.

For people who are depressed, the repetitive cycle has begun and unless the symptoms are identified and the source dealt with, we are only dealing with the surface of the matter.


•Life can be fulfilling.
•Be free. Be happy.
•Face it. Lift it.
•You can do it.


Medical professionals in today's society are very aware of the increased stress in people's lifestyle and many have prescribed medication to patients with a bid to help them climb off the wheel of depression and assist them back to a better quality of life through physical, chemical and neurological intervention. For some, this is enough to gain a balance back to normality but for most, the underlying cause still roars fiercely within their emotional, mental or spiritual aspect of their personality and that is the core of the problem.

Looking around us, it may seem like more and more people we know are suffering from depression of some form. Often, there is a feeling that the person is inadequate or stupid because of their inability to break out of the depressive patterns themselves. This can result in feelings of self-blame and helplessness which strengthens the cycle of depression yet again.

Sometimes, a person may know or believe they know, how the cycle of thinking or feeling began causing their depression. Others may not know and so, they embark on a search to understand the cause of their depression. Whatever their circumstance, the search for answers and remedies takes them further away from the real issue, the nature of their thoughts and emotions that has manifested this symptom of depression.

It is human nature to want to have answers for our existence. It is natural to search for the quickest remedy for our problems. It is understandable to want to take responsibility of our past but what is more important is what we choose to make of our current situation.

Our current situation is like a pack of cards we have been dealt with in a game of cards. The goal of the game is to play the cards as best as we can until it is finished but for many, when we open the selection of cards dealt to us, we freeze and give up or we get frustrated with the unfairness of the game. In a game of poker, the person holding the worst cards could still win if the opponents could be bluffed into believing the his hand was superior to theirs. In a game of gin-rummy, the person has a choice to exchange their cards for better combinations or to hold on to unwanted cards for fear that it will advantage their opponents.

In a game of chess, we all start with each piece in its own place. The aim is to get across to the other side as best as we can according to the rules. Depending on how we strategise, we find that the better we understand the rules and the other person who is our opponent, the better our chances of winning.

Life is very much like playing games. It can be fun when we let ourselves step back from the competitiveness of it and enjoy the company of the companion sitting before us as we play for the sake of enjoyment instead of winning.

In a game of Families, each player exchanges cards to complete their match while in Monopoly, we move through the board making decisions and takings risks.

No matter what game we play, it is all about strategy, decisions, movement and lessons learnt.


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