Soul Connections

The term 'soul connection' is used here because the reference to 'soul' is commonly understood by many. It does not matter whether we believe in souls, afterlife or reincarnation. The fact that we are living a life of mystery of possibilities is itself a wonderful experience. It refers to the part of us that helps us make this life the best that it can be. 

Some may prefer to call it 'consciousness' in the physical sense rather than the spiritual reference. But no matter what we choose to call it, the fact of the matter is, our consciousness will bring for us what we need most in whatever forms that will assist us to live our lives to the fullest.

All forms of soul regression regression continues to be a controversial topic for many. Most people are either for or against the idea whilst some may be confined to the beliefs of their culture or religion.

Any which way, it is OK to feel the way you feel about this issue. I doubt that there is anyone who can truly convince anyone else of the existence of past lives or otherwise. The only way we can know for sure is when each one of us experiences for ourselves what happens at the end of our own precious life here.


Purpose Realignment

This is a very important process because often ... we get caught up in life experiences, its dramas or challenges and directive goals, so much so that we lose sight of our original destination.

Purpose realignment allows for individuals to take a step back ... to look at where we are, where we have come from and where it is we are headed. It allows for a review of how we are doing and whether we are on track, or whether things have changed and no longer warrant the same direction.

This can be a very powerful step to take and often life changing because there are so many goal setting programmes out there that pull people into the belief of setting productive goals that are achievable but are not in alignment with the individual's inner drive and intentions.


Past Life Regression

This is a very specific process ... namely, to revisit or review one's past life or lives. 

When I operated mainly as a clinical hypnotherapist, I had the pleasure of guiding many to experience their past life or lives. For some, upon their return to this present life the problems that plagued them previously seemed to resolve itself miraculously. Others gained a greater understanding of their circumstances and found themselves more able to live life fully. Whether it is coincidence or reality, it is not my role to judge.

All I can say is that some of these people I was given the privilege of leading through past life regression were skeptics before and after the experience, while a handful were complete believers, others remained indecisive and few changed.

As a therapist, I see the role of past life regression from a therapeutic point of view. There are many plausible explanations for the recall of a past life event, none of which can be proved scientifically as yet. However, there are very prominent researchers who have followed thousands of children all around the world who have recollection of their past life, and the results have been more than convincing.


Life Between Lives

Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What happens when we die? What happens when we get there?

Perhaps these are questions that you have already considered or are curious about? Maybe you have already formed some ideas and beliefs around these very important, thought provoking questions?

Imagine what it would be like to take a glimpse into the Spirit world and have your deepest spiritual questions answered?Imagine truly understanding what it is like when we die and what happens to our immortal souls.

Through the use of deep trance and special hypnosis techniques you are able to access your soul state and actually relive experiences between lives and gain knowledge from your soul's memory bank that will help you answer these questions. This remarkable journey into your life between lives will have a profound effect on you and your perception of life forever.

Hypnosis into your life between lives (LBL) is based on the work of renowned American Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton who pioneered the field of spiritual regression through deep hypnotic trance. He has since gone on to write "Journey Of Souls" and "Destiny Of Souls" which documents his research over ten years and 7000 case studies.

Predominantly trained and experienced in spiritual regression and past life work for the first 3 years of my professional history, in 2007 Pauline decided to add to her repertoire of techniques, Newton's 'Life Between Lives' experience. Whilst the process is similar, the focus is different. So ... do discuss the best options that fit your cirvumstances if you wish to schedule in for this wonderful experience.



Re-Emergence is a bridge between spiritual awareness and human development towards ‘life’ consciousness. It integrates the left brain and right brain functions with an understanding that everyone has a need for both to exist at the same time. Life works well when we can apply both the conscious and subconscious together. However, life experiences seems to condition people to favour one over the other more often than not.

Re-Emergence is about awareness of the self and the environment ... a way of life truth that is gentle, simple and accepting. Re-emergence aims to ignite the consciousness that affects the soul in natural ways to shift one's ability into living life's truth, unconditional love and universal respect.

A natural process that opens doorways and possibilities, Re-Emergence enables the person to release the hold that the past has had on them. Aware of the possibilities rises to consciousness and therefore allows the person to move forward towards change purposefully.

Re-Emergence combines the principles of many different modalities to create a powerful recipe for change. It works beyond the subconscious, integrating the whole concept of the self towards fulfilled living.


How they fit together 

Many people are intrigued by the experience of past life and soul state, however from the many years of experience ... I have come to the conclusion that there are very strong and valid reasons for us not to be able to pluck out from our conscious minds immediate recall of lives we have lived previously. 

The main focus of this life is meant to be the present life. And whatever we can discover from a previous life versus a future life is irrelevant in the current situation because as the theory states ... "once perceived ... things inevitably change".

It is expalined that the time continuum changes as one thing is affected, it then shifts everything that follows in its pathway forwards.

So, by our viewing the past and changing it, we realign ourselves to a foundation that we are not clear of.


Important things to know and Case scenarios

So, more importantly I acknowledge and allow for the healing that past life recall can achieve. Some people are certain that what they are experiencing is definitely a past life while others find that the recall is very interestingly linked to their very strong childhood interest ie. in American Indian and Egyptian movies or stories about King Arthur and the like. Perhaps the mind can recall real past life events and by reviewing these events and shedding a different light to its impact, healing is made possible.

On the other hand, the mind could also have used several points of interest to symbolise the elements in one's life to facilitate for the changes needed to effect the healing and growth possible. So, if you liked to watch Egyptian shows when you were growing up, it is likely that the mind will create a movie with hidden lessons within the show to guide you through the healing process that you need. It is unlikely that it will show you a movie on galaxy travel if you have no interest in it.

Another less commonly discussed possibility in past life regression is the occurence when the vision of past life visited is not your own. There are many different reasons that cold bring about this phenomenon, so I urge whoever who desires to review a past life to do so with an open mind before, during and after the regression.

Case Scenario 1: Menstrual Pain

Tina was a successful 52 year old professional and grandmother. She suffered from severe menstrual pains ever since the birth of her first child almost 30 years ago. During her menstrual attacks, she would hardly be able to work or do anything constructive even with the aid of prescribed medication.

During past life recall, she viewed an event in the past where she had been sexually violated and as a result, had given birth to a child who was taken away at birth. She never got to see or hold her baby before she died from childbirth complications.

Upon reviewing the event and dealing with the trauma surrounding the circumstances, her monthly sufferings over the last three decades were at an end.

Case Scenario 2: Urinary Tract Infection

Sue was a 26 year old woman who had suffered from urinary tract infections since she was 19. She would have at least 10 attacks a year and she always carried with her pouches of "URAL" and other items prescribed by her doctor. This allowed her to get as close to normalcy as possible when the infections occurred.

Her initial enquiry for therapy was for other reasons but on the morning of her appointment she rang to say that her urinary tract infection was at its worse and that she could not attend her appointment. She was visiting the toilet practically every few minutes and was afraid that she would need to excuse herself often during her session.

It was recommended to her that she attend anyway to help with this instead of her original enquiry.

During her session, she revisited a time of a young girl who had come of age. The event viewed was in celebration of her introduction to womanhood when traditional female circumcision practices we strong.

Sue regressed back to the event of the circumcision itself and understandably. the trauma had stayed with her. Upon releasing the emotional and physical trauma of this memory, her infections cleared immediately.

At the end of the session, there was no symptom what so ever of her previous discomfort.

Seven years passed and the last time I met her, she shared that she has not had any recurrence of urinary tract infections in any form since her one and only session.

Case Scenario 3: Physical Injury

Ben came to see whether hypnotherapy could help him deal with the pain he felt since a sports injury. As a result of this, he had to return to NZ and leave his overseas job as a sporting guide. Since returning, he found himself unable to move on. He was indecisive of his career move and personal goals. The time spent overseas had widened the gap between him and his friends who were now all settled in with their own families.

In dealing with his injury, he regressed back to a previous lifetime where he was injured from a horse carriage accident. He was eight and he was isolated from his friends for about a year to recover. When he was finally reunited with his peers again, they had moved on and he was left alone with his disability. This set the course for a couple more lifetimes until now.

Once we worked to change the pattern of injury, isolation, recovery and loneliness, Ben could move on into a clearer and more positive future. The last I heard from him, he was successfully managing a sales team in a prominent company.


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