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Wellington on 9th March 2013.

The Iceberg Effect and YOU:

Understanding what is happening and what you can do

The Iceberg Effect will provide many answers about life and human development that every professional in the helping field would benefit from knowing. It aims to ignite an understanding of the different shifts that are happening over the last decade as we transition through our evolution. You will gain insights into what you can do to help yourself and others in your life, to better understand what is happening, why and what you need to be aware 'not' to do. But most importantly, you will discover how you can ease and possibly fast-track the transition process.

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Title:                   The Iceberg Effect and You
Date:                   Dates to be confirmed (expected to be in mid May )

 Keri Keri

Title:                   The Iceberg Effect and You
Date:                   21st March 2013 (Thurs)
             6:00pm to 9:00pm
Venue:                FlourFlower,
                             2 Cochrane Drive
Pay it Forward:       NZ$25  (This includes the 'Power of Change' CD)
     See note below to discover "What is Pay it Forward? How does it work? and Why"


Title:                   The Iceberg Effect and You

Date:                   21st March 2013 (Thurs)
             6:00pm to 9:00pm

Venue:                Johnsonville Community Centre, 
                             3 Frankmoore Avenue

Pay it Forward:       NZ$25  (This includes the 'Power of Change' CD)
     See note below to discover "What is Pay it Forward? How does it work? and Why"
Why attend this talk?
The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. And this is not limited to technology and global economy. More people than ever are in transition and the experience can sometimes be unsettling & overwhelming. Over the past decade, more people have been experiencing and reporting an increase in what feels like ...
          *  Anxiety / Panic attacks
          *  Tingling sensations along the body
          *  Depression / Disconnection / Withdrawal from people
          *  A sense of being out of control ie. going crazy, plans turning to custard
          *  A feeling of urgency / confusion / lack of direction
          *  Spontaneous physical changes ie. food intolerance, physical pains etc.
          *  Spiritual experiences that you find difficult to talk to others about
                  because it seems too 'out there' and crazy
          *  Old issues, memories and feelings you dealt with and settled in the past are re-emerging

The varying degrees of these unexplainable sensations, visions, energies, cyclic patterns can be explained and understood, however the true nature of why this is happening are multifaceted and often speculative, however this experience is very real because of the intensity experienced by so many.

This talk aims to provide a visual journey into the process in which you are going through to explain the nature of the shifts we are experiencing and what we can do to make this transition easier, manageable and enjoyable. The Iceberg Effect is new information that every professional in the helping / self development field should be aware of. It is different from what is widely known as the Iceberg Theory. Therefore, if you are uncertain about whether you should attend this talk ... my question to you is ... "Can you afford not to attend this talk?"

The estimated time of this talk is 2 hours (allowing for 90 minutes presentation and 30 minutes Q&A and discussions).

We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for the shifts that await us all.

Who should attend?
Firstly, if this page caught your attention and you are still reading this … it must mean something.

This talk applies to everyone (the general public, professionals ie. medical practitioners, alternative therapists, spiritual teachers etc) as it is presented in an easy to understand format for the psyche to be able to fully understand and integrate its contents.

There will be a Q&A discussion at the end of the talk to discuss any specific areas that need clarification.

This talk was especially designed for you … so I look forward to being there for you and with you.

The birth of 'This THING called LIFE' series
Over the past several years, I have become aware of very strong insights, ideas and spontaneous instructions that made up topics for public talks and I have been diligently taking notes of the information I was becoming aware of, knowing that the time will come when these topics will need to be shared in specific ways.

Understandably, I was excited to bring these talks out into life immediately because of the relevance I found in how this information could help people searching for answers in 'This Thing Called Life' but no matter what I tried to do, the momentum was out of sync. The truth being, I sensed strongly then that the time was not yet ripe. So, many months passed as questions grew in my mind about when this right time would be and why the delay.

During this time, I learnt to be patient in my waiting while life showed me the real application of the information I was receiving in my own life and consciousness. I carried on documenting more and more topics and the teachings held within those topics and navigated the changes and shifts that arose from these simple principles I was receiving and recording. The contents fascinated me immensely because while the topics seemed to be common seminar and book titles already in existence ... the information I was perceiving and processing seemed so much deeper than that in the current human awareness.

Then, in the beginning of November 2012 ... I woke up to a very strong sense that the right time is now and the momentum will pick up over the next 12 months. Hence, the date for the first talk was set for the 17th of November 2012 as I selected the first topic from the many titles that I had collated. Hence, the 'This THING called LIFE' series is birthed.

Below are a sample of the topics that are currently being scheduled to be shared with you over the upcoming 12 months.

          *   Iceberg Effect and You: Understanding what is happening and what you can do about it
          *  Tame that Other Voice in your Mind
          *  Living your Jigsaw
          *  Self Sabotage: You've been Duped
          *  Getting your life  'Back on Track' after a derail
          *  Stepping Up to Life

What others have to say about this talk
 "I had no great expectations as I was open minded as to what it would be about. And it did so much more, enabling me to see the bigger picture. I found the evening to be very useful as it has given me a greater understanding of the process that is happening for me and others. Thank you Pauline. Very much appreciate you."          Diana

"Thank you :)  I love your energy and your infectious enthusiasm."        Norma

"Everything made great sense to me Pauline. It was very relevant on every issue."        W. B.     

"I felt guided to attend. I just knew it was meant to be. The evening was definitely interesting and thought provoking, especially in regards to how we work when we want to help ourselves and others. The most impactful part for me was the awareness that what I am going through is a reality for others people as well and how the concept of the iceberg applies to our conscious and subconscious."        B. A.

"The theory is such a beautiful analogy for oneness. The talk created a huge wave."   Barbara

"The talk was very relevant. I have read a lot but never come across the 'Iceberg Effect'. It added, confirmed and clarified what I have found. The most impactful part of the evening was being witness to (a fellow attendee)'s skepticism being released. I would love to come to more."      Niki

"Thank you. Your summary pulled it all together. For me, it was reassuring and calming. For others, I imagine it was an eye opener that will sink in and help them see these things in others - then they will be able to help and that is great. Keep it up. Making people aware of what you know  will benefit everyone."     Mike

"I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of all the symptoms and how they fit into the process of change that humanity is going through."      V.
I look forward to seeing you there.
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"What is Pay it Forward? How does it work? and Why"

This talk is based on a Pay It Forward concept.

When you pay for the talk when you register, you are in effect paying it forward to enable others to attend future talks. This is a new concept I have started to shift away from the limiting idea of self investment only. I started by committing to the logistics of organising the events and from there ... the pay it forward payments will ensure that your contribution will open the possibilities up for others to attend similar talks or topics that will be of benefit to them.

For those who want to attend but have financial restraints, I invite you to contact me directly to make arrangements. As long as anyone is committed and ready ... I am open to assist in any way I can. I look forward to meeting you there.