Therapy for Change  

For many, therapy has been a way of getting help to understand, to learn from and to release past experiences through the act of sharing, gaining insight and understanding of the self, with the focus of moving forward and/or feeling better. 

With the changes that continue to happen all around us, many have begun to realise that therapy is only one aspect of change.  While it is very relevant and important at one stage of our development, there is a need for us to be able to recognise when our needs change.

As we each address life values and relationships on very different levels, many find ourselves realising that something is amiss.  Because we may not be aware exactly what is that is missing, some have tried hopping from modality to modality trying to discover the key that could fill the gap within and yet, it still persisted.

The time has come whereby we each need to be able to connect back to our source ... in freedom and with clarity, to live life as is meant for us and us alone. To let go of the old ways of being and stepping up into our own authenticity.  For many, this pull to change is not only noticed in the emotional aspect but also that of the physical, mental and spiritual.  Hence, many have found themselves ploughing through the terrain of unexplainable physical pain, sudden onset of psychosis type symptoms, mental blockages or clouding eg confusion, anxiety etc to name a few.

Why a Change Master? 

The need for 'therapy' has been changing.  In the recent past, the focus of many people seeking therapy was mainly to feel better by clearing past experiences or traumas, releasing blockages, healing diseases, rising above depression and anxiety etc - with an underlying intention of being happy and successful. 

Many have viewed the benefits of dissecting past events, gaining meaningful insights of life challenges and understanding of the self, and yet find themselves still at the starting line, long after the starting horn has been sounded.  More and more people have begun to realise that 'therapy' is not the key to happiness as previously expected and they find themselves wondering "where to from here?".  'Therapy' is merely a doorway to pass through in this wonderful journey of life. 

A Change Master is very different from being a therapist of any modality. Life change involves all aspects of the self and life; and the pathway forward is unique for everyone.  A monk may require years of disciplined meditation and self awareness, an entrepeneur may require a life of risk taking decisions and clearly defined relationships while a housewife may require unconditional love for and commitment to her family. 

A Change Master can help you release the bindings and limitations from your past and understands the dynamics of life lessons and principles of change.  Therefore, a Change Master is one who helps people achieve what is innately their life purpose.

Working with a Change Master can be very powerful to effect dramatic changes naturally.  Best candidates are individuals who are ready to let go of their past, realise the truth, experience results and become enthusiastic and empowered to fulfil one's life purpose as their authentic self. A Change Master will work with individuals who are ready and willing to live their life to its utmost.

The fundamental focus is to make the experience of change as meaningful, memorable and enjoyable as possible.  Change is a natural phenomenon and often a smooth and easy process, however how we approach the situation determines the ease and level of enjoyment we experience. 

A Change Master is like a midwife of life.  For the safe and successful delivery of a child, the midwife has to be in-tune with the needs of the mother and child while understanding the process of birth.  She needs to be able to recognise when intervention is required and to be capable of supporting the whole process and all parties involved.  


Living life has its own map, and living successfully has its defined route ... similarly, effecting change has very specific steps and processes that everyone goes through. However, for many who are ready for change, whether they have worked through their issues or not, they find themselves at crossroads wanting to step forward and yet unable to.  That is when 'therapy' begins to become a barrier rather than a vehicle for change.

This does not mean that seeking therapy is wrong.  Just an awareness that the benefits of therapy has a timeframe and purpose to prepare for the next stage of development, self consciousness and empowerment.  Just like a full grown tree needing quite different levels and forms of care from that of a small seedling.  Giving a small seedling too much fertiliser and sunlight could cause its roots to burn and its leaves to wilt; while too little nutrients and sunlight could stunt the growth of a tree, limiting its ability to flower and fruit.  Furthermore, the ability to recognise a symptom and distinguish it from an issue, helps preserve and nurture the plant instead of mistaking it as a weed.

A change master has in depth knowledge of the terrain of change and the minute details that effect us when we embark on improving oneself.   

How a Change Master works

Arising from this foundation, a very powerful programme of therapy, Re-Emergence, was developed to enable the complete personality to be enabled to effect long lasting change.  Re-Emergence is very exact, resourceful, effective and most suited for people who have moved beyond the need to understand or find reasons for the past.  Success comes easily for those who are ready to advance into identifying and developing their truest potential and purpose rather than identifying the causes and consequences of past events and decisions.

Different types of therapy techniques are utilised, depending on the individual needs of each client and their presenting issues.  No two sessions are the same.

Each person is different and each circumstance unique to the person but there are maps of emotion and patterns of behaviour that can be tracked and if it no longer serves our best interests, it can be changed.  Because 'Re-Emergence' deals with the person as a whole unique personality, it addresses the underlying truth of the matter.

Imagine that you are going into a dark tunnel and you want to come out on the other side where there is light, love and nourishment and going through the tunnel is the only way to get there.

I act as a guide and facilitator because I have been through the tunnel, I know where the pits are and where the resting places lie. There may be times when you have to cross a narrow path winding across a steep cliff hanger. Your mind may attempt to slow you down or change your course but I remain steadfast with my torch guiding you to your goal.

You are the one who will walk through it, avoiding the pits, resting where you can and crossing the cliff hanger. I just make it easier for you to do so. I cannot walk the tunnel for you and I cannot make you walk through it.  But with the knowledge of the terrain of the mind through change, your experience can be so much easier.

You are ultimately the creator of your success and I know you can get through the tunnel to the other side. You have to first decide completely, deep inside of you, that you want to get to the other side. I will be here when you are ready.

Your success in this programme depends on your desires and commitment. Along with that, our therapeutic relationship and your responsibility to complete the exercises designed specifically for you will achieve the best outcome for your goal in the shortest time possible.

The road to success is on-going, so my role in this relationship is to assist you to clear the road, lay the foundations, effect the positive changes now and impart to you the tools that you may need to achieve your goals in the long term.  Hence, the goal is to empower you for the future.

Changing the Mind 

The mind operates like a body of water. When something is dropped in, the surface is disturbed and ripples are formed.

Our experiences create ripples. However, even after the ripples have visually settled on the surface, the disturbance continues to influence the internal state (under the surface) for a little while.

People sometimes continue to feel the old patterns of being but fail to realise that it is only the ripples that they feel. Unless one is aware of this, they may revert to doubting the change. 

Two distinctive ways of creating change and starting new patterns are:

1.Create new ripples after the old ripples have settled first. This requires a still space before starting the new experience or behaviour.  

2.Create new ripples outwards so that it can override the existing old ripple formations. The focus then is to create enough new ripples by cancelling out unwanted effects to create the desired ripple effect.

Rules of the Mind 


The Rules of the Mind below outlines the standard beliefs held in accordance with the understandings of traditional hypnotherapy.

Re-Emergence looks beyond these perspectives of the mind and provides below, explanations about the underlying aspects of the mind and how change can easily occur.

1. The very thought and idea creates a physical reaction.
When you are sad, you are more likely to slouch or curl up. When you remember an angry experience, your body will reflect a defensive or attacking posture. When there is stress, it can be physically experienced as muscle tension or indigestion. Thought and body are very much inter-connected. Phrases we use also reflect this ie. 'a pain in the neck' etc.

2. What is expected will be realized.
When you expect a grumpy reception wherever you go, that is most likely exactly what you will encounter. When you expect to fail, that can affect your confidence and ultimately your results and outcome.

3. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind or the mind of another.
You can know many things but it is your imagination that allows you to change what you know into reality through creativity and action. Many people understand the causes of their problems but remain stuck because they try to make changes based on pure facts and life conditionings. These conditionings are often fraught with limitations and expectations. Alternatively, imagination opens a door into untapped potential or unrealized solutions. People often allow their minds to imagine all the unfair things people can do onto them but very few open their minds to imagine what are the wonderful things others can do with and for them.

4. Opposing ideas cannot be held at one and the same time.
It is very unlikely to be angry and calm at the same moment in time. Like walking, each leg lifts and moves one leg forward at a time. We may be in love and be angry with one person but at any one point in time, one or the other emotion will rule that experience.

5. Once an idea has been accepted by the subconscious mind, it remains until it is replaced by another idea. We may have an awareness that what we are doing is wrong but if we don't replace it with something that is true, we are likely to continue living status quo. For most, because the old idea can be so easily replaced, they let the random events of life determine which idea replaces it. Wouldn't it be better to replace it with an idea that is ideal for you rather than any other idea that is just floating around?

6. The longer the idea remains, the more opposition there is to replacing it with a new idea.
This may appear to be logically true but I have come to discover that this is a myth. It is completely false because when we tap into the internal truth, change can happen quite instantaneously. No amount of opposition can overrule a decision. So, the question lies not in the duration an idea has been in process but the clarity of the decision and the strength of the new idea that replaces the old.

7. An emotionally induced symptom tends to cause organic change if persisted long enough.
When we do not have adequate sleep or rest, the repair rate of the cells in our body may also be affected. We can notice our skin feels fresher after a few good nights sleep. Similarly, when someone worries too much, not only do they develop wrinkles on their forehead ... their ability to digest food in a balanced way may also affected. When we realise the cycle of cause and effect, we can begin to change the outcome and return to balance.

8. Each suggestion acted upon creates less opposition to successive suggestion.
When we are used to taking one route to work for some years, each time we take another route to go to another office we begin to develop a new memory pathway. The first few days after changing work/offices, we may unconsciously take the wrong turn towards the old work route but when we become aware of it, we turn around and go the right way to the new office. We don't keep on driving to go to work in the old office, do we?

9. When dealing with the subconscious mind and its functions, the greater the conscious effort, the less the subconscious response.
People put so much credibility and power into the subconscious and its functioning role in our lives by undermining the conscious mind. When we learn to drive, we have to first consciously learn where the brake, accelerator and clutch are. As we practice driving more and more, our subconscious learns to re-enact the action based on a set of driving scenarios. The subconscious tends to react so, when the conscious mind knows how to communicate with the subconscious, only then does the subconscious mind respond. When there is clear conscious communication, the subconscious responds perfectly. The answers lie in the communication, not in the effort. 

How many sessions are needed? 

First of all, I will be truthful and realistic. It depends on many things. It is true that many people resolve their issues in one or two sessions, but if you have something which is deep and long standing, you may well need more than a few sessions.  This is true for therapy in general.

In the instance of ReEmergence, based on your initial assessment meeting, I will give you an estimate duration of a programme based on your needs. The speed in which you complete it lies solely within you and your personal circumstances.  Most people complete the programme in 3 sessions.  Phone followup is also possible where necessary.

Through the combination of techniques, we short cut the process and make the changes far more quickly and effectively so that you can carry on and focus on the more important and meaningful things in your life. The success of change is determined by the rules of the mind within each and every one of us.  However, the rule of the mind that is understood is quite different to how Re-Emergence has found the mind works.

The speed in which healing and change is achieved has no indication of how successful a person you are. It just means that perhaps the things troubling you need to be addressed within its own natural rate.   

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