2012 to 2013 (Realignment from Past to Present to Future)

Whether you are planning on making a New Years Resolution or you have just decided that you are ready to finally let go of the past and change your future ... then it is only reasonable that we choose to experience the shifts in as easy a way as possible.

After all ... life is about having fun and enjoying every moment of the many life experiences that awaits us and by making the very best of it.

Sometimes ... it is not the lack of wanting to let the past go nor the lack of vision to make the right changes for ourselves or the lack of will to stick to the positive changes that stops us ... often

 ... all we need is the know how and the right recipe.


Getting a realignment session is a valuable way to start the year off on a good footing.

We get our cars serviced once a year ... so that
*  the engine is tuned to ensure that it continues to run at its optimal,
*  the brakes are operating well for our safety.
*  the filters are clean so that we can breathe clean air.
*  the wheels aligned so that we can and other fellow road users can travel safely
*  etc.

but ... how often do we give ourselves the same level of care or consideration?

This time ...
REMEMBER the greatest asset in your life ... YOURSELF!!!

Therefore ... we are offering a REALIGNMENT session exactly for this purpose ... to set you back on course in life ... and to help clear out the debris from the past so that you are free to claim your present so that you can move into your future with vision, ease and humble pride.

Whatever your desire is ... may it be to stop a habit  i.e. addictions, smoking, drinking; to discover a new life direction; to gain insight into your self and your life, create change, life fully etc ... this one hour introductory session includes a brief assessment and processes that will assist you towards gaining successful in attaining your goal.

This is especially so if you have made a decision to make one or many changes in  your life.

Issues that we can help in:
*   Ending addictions - stop smoking, stop drinking.
*   Shifting body image - be in charge of your body, mind and emotions. Focus on health, balance and self.
*   Self empowerment - rebuild confidence.
*   Life direction - Identify where you are and what is really out there for you. Live your destiny.
*   Successful shifts - Claim your birthright. Be at peace and happy.
*   Freedom from the past - Move forwards into the future.
*   Be yourself - Release the things, people and energies that hold you back.

Call Pauline NOW!!!

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Start yourself on this journey that will change your life.