I just put this page up so that you can click on the link below to access the special page.

Do jot down the code AFFDOM25-FEB  so that when it asks for you to pay, you can have the 25% off special offer.  If it is too confusing and is easier for you, you can just ring and tell me that you want it and I will set it up for you and pay first.

This offer is available only by using this coupon code as I was offered this special to refer friends to and it is not on the website for general visitors.

Yola Silver Plan includes:        Normally US$99.95 per year 

                    Special 2 year package

25% OFF normal price (valid until 10 Feb 2011)

(depending on daily  exchange rate, works out to be about/under NZ$200 for 2 years of webhosting) 

  • One Free Custom Domain name
  • Domain Private Registration (Hides users' registration and contact information)
  • Create up to 25 sites, rather than 5 with Yola Free
  • 5GB of storage per site instead of 1GB
  • 100MB max file upload instead of 15MB
  • Removal of the Yola link at the bottom of the site
  • Google AdWords Credit
  • Facebook Advertising Credit
  • HP Logoworks Logomaker Credit (worth $50!)
  • 30 days of traffic monitoring
  • NEW: Easy access to Fotolia images through the site builder (Also available with Yola Free)
  • NEW: Unlimited premium styles - worth over $800 (Current Silver Plan includes 1 premium style)
  • NEW: Premium phone & email support
  • NEW: Custom site CSS (Coming Soon)

Minimum Yola FREE package includes: 

With Yola, you get much more than just a custom domain name, including:

  • Complete ownership of the domain
  • Access to Yola's easy-to-use website creator
  • Free website hosting (no limits on site traffic)
  • 24/7 Award-Winning Customer Support
  • 1 GB storage space
  • No ads
  • Over 100 professionally designed website templates
  • Ability to track number of visitors
  • The option of purchasing private registration at checkout for an additional $5, or Yola Mail for only $9.96 a year!