How Many Sessions Do I need?

First of all, I will be truthful and realistic. It depends on many things. It is true that many people resolve their issues in one or two sessions, but if you have something which is deep and long standing, you may well need more than a few sessions.

*  Some people resolve things in one session.

*  80% have done so within three.

*  Some people need more then three.

Based on your initial assessment meeting, I will give you an estimate duration of a programme based on your needs. The speed at which you complete it lies solely within you and your personal circumstances.

The speed in which healing and change is achieved has no indication of how successful a person you are. It just means that perhaps the things troubling you need to be addressed within its own natural rate.

Through the combination of techniques, we short cut the process and make the changes far more quickly and effectively so that you can carry on and focus on the more important and meaningful things in your life. The success of change is determined by the rules of the mind within each and every one of us.  However, the rule of the mind that is understood is quite different to how Re-Emergence has found the mind works.