Recording for relaxation:

This recording is a prescription recording specifically for use after Session One.

It is important to only use this when you are in a safe environment, especially useful for when you are ready for sleep.


Each time you listen to this, you may hear different parts or meanings and this is normal.  Some people even insist that they heard everything that was on the recording the first few times of listening and then a month or so later express in surprise that they never heard that mentioned before.

There instructions involves viewing a dove and asks that you throw things into the cloud. Some people visualise the dove, others just concentrate on listening to the background music. You don't need to know what it is you are throwing away nor do you need to decide what to throw away.  Your higher intelligence will prepare whatever is redundant and/or unneccessary from your past to spring clean it from your mind.

If at the end of the day, you find yourself a bit touchy / tired / heavy minded / confused / spaced out / impatient etc ... this is an indication that you need to listen to this recording even more so because the recycle bin in your mind is becoming full and therefore needs to be emptied to allow more positive and productive thought patterns and behaviours to be developed and set / established.

Also, if your conscious mind tries to make too much sense of what is being said on the recording, you will find yourself falling asleep and this is natural and perfectly fine because the higher intelligence that is your mind knows exactly how to make the changes you need on a very deep level, eventhough you may think that you are asleep.  In fact, the sleep itself allows for the changes to be able to be effected even more easily.