Negative Mindframes 

When our minds are free, and pliable (like kids), everything is possible.  That is our natural state of mind ... balanced, content and in the moment. When we are not operating in this level ... we sense its imbalance.

Our mind manages the impact of our experiences and sometimes, it creates various forms of defences to help us through life disappointments, past hurts and failed expectations. Therefore, when people express that they are stuck  ... this often refers to one's inability to shift from a less desired state of mind into a newer more productive one.  This is often related to an accummulation of emotional difficulties rooted in the combination of our genetic nature and the person whom we have become because of our life experiences.


Negative mindframes are moulded as a result of these experiences at an unconscious level. It may be a negative mindframe towards the self or others. For close friends and family, they may find it difficult to communicate with such a person, and hence increase the divide even more with the failure to relate to one another.

Through hypnosis, we address the pain surrounding the experiences that warranted the creation of this negative mindframe. The stillness of this internal place allows us to access the wisdom that resides within and allows us to rise up to a new level as we risk being trustingly receptive to new ideas and possibilities, hence the stage is set for change to occur.
Your unconscious mind is encouraged to connect with yourself in a gentle and encouraging way that is profound and productive. The direct or indirect suggestions aims to release old ways of being, facilitate new ways of being or both. This in turn impacts on the way your feel about the world and how you relate to others.

Case Scenario 1: Mindshift
Sally was an elderly woman who gave her whole life to her children and grandchildren. She was at a stage in her life where she felt empty, unfulfilled and in many ways unappreciated. She felt that the majority of her life consisted of relationships where she was misunderstood and unheard. Despite her forgiving and light hearted nature people found her difficult to live with for long periods.

She found herself wanting to defend herself often and felt that people including her family was unfair towards her.
With hypnotherapy and NLP, she attended one session after which, she returned to overseas. We worked to change her expectation of her environment and people in her life. We also addressed the changes she felt she wanted to make for herself and gave her the connection within her being to effect the changes when she felt most appropriate.

Her daughter called me up and said "I don't know what you did but my mother is a changed person. In the past, people dreaded talking to her because she would have so much to complain about but now, she is getting on fine with my sister-in-law. She is like a different person, so much more easier to live with. We definitely notice the difference."

Case Scenario 2: Mindshift
Betty was a young woman who had a very bright future as a national sports representative. Due to a chain of events, her vision of the future began to crumble around her and her life took a different course over the following three years. When she came to see me, life was uncertain, relationships were strained, her future looked bleak and her attitude indecisive. Within three sessions, this all changed and she began to effect positive changes in her life.

I received a letter from her family to share her progress. "Betty has gathered positive energy to go forward with the organisation of her life and make firm decisions and carry them through. On a daily basis, I notice her analysing situations with a positive attitude, therefore creating positive results for everyone."