Live Between Lives Preparation Page 

Please download the following recording made to help you prepare for your Life Between Lives session.  

This recording initially introduces you to the space of relaxation and also takes you through to the otherside briefly each time you listen to the recording.  That way, when you attend your Life Between Live session, your subconscious will have had the additional freedom to move through that time and space much more easily.

The aim is for you to get much more out of the experience, so the more often you can listen to this before your session, the better.

How to: 

1. First download this recording and play it while you are in a comfortable position (sitting or lying down is fine)

2. Play it and allow yourself to relax.

Note:  There is no correct or wrong way of feeling.  The more times you listen to this, the more deeper you will enter into that space of relaxation and connection so that when you attend the session in person, your mind and soul will be able to take you straight to where you need to be at to connect with your soul state.  So, just relax and allow yourself to experience whatever it has in store for you.  We can discuss your experience when you come in for your session, before we start.

LBL Prep CD.mp3 LBL Prep CD.mp3
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