This talk aims to provide an understanding of the different shifts that are happening in life as we transition towards the end of 2012 into 2013. We will share insights into what you can do to help yourself and others in your life, to better understand what is happening and why, and most importantly, how you can ease and possibly fast-track the transition process.
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Date:    17th November 2012 (Sat)    OR    Date:    23rd November 2012 (Fri)
Time:    10:30am to 12:30pm        Time:    7:00 to 9:00pm
Venue:    Massey Public Library
cnr Don Buck Rd and Westgate Dr
Waitakere, Auckland        Venue:    Mercy Spirituality Centre
104 The Drive
Epsom, Auckland
Cost:    NZ$25        Cost:    NZ$25
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Some door sales may be possible dependent on availability of seats on the day.
You are welcome to call me direct up to an hour before the talk to check on availability and reserve your seat.
All prepaid bookings will be given a free 'Power of Change' guided relaxation CD to assist your psyche to prepare and allow for the changes with ease.
We look forward to seeing you at this upcoming talk and future meetups.
Why attend this talk?
These days, we each know of someone in our lives who may be experiencing ...
*  Anxiety / Panic attacks
*  Tingling sensations along the body
*  Depression / Disconnection / Withdrawal from people
*  A sense of being out of control ie. going crazy, plans turning to custard
*  A feeling of urgency or confusion
* Spontanous physical changes ie. food intolerances, physical pains etc.
* Spiritual experiences that you find difficult to talk to others about because it seems too 'out there' and crazy
* Old issues, memories and feelings you dealt with and settled in the past are re-emerging

These varying degrees of these unexplainable sensations, visions, energies, cyclic patterns can be explained and understood, however the true nature of why this is happening are often speculative. We will not go into the significance of 2012 but it will suffice to acknowledge that for many individuals, these experiences are very real because it impacts many aspects of their lives.
This talk aims to provide a visual journey into the process in which we are going through to explain the nature of the shifts we are experiencing and what we can do to make this transition easier, manageable and enjoyable. The estimated time of this talk is 2 hours (allowing for 90 mins presentation and 30 mins Q&A / discussions).
We trust that you will find the talk informative and useful to prepare you further for the shifts that await us over the upcoming months.

Who should attend?
Firstly, if this pamphlet caught your attention and you are reading this … it must mean something.
This talk applies to everyone (the public, professionals ie. health practitioners, alternative therapists, spiritual teachers etc) as it is presented in an easy to understand format for the psyche to be able to fully understand and integrate its contents.
There will be a Q&A discussion at the end of the talk to discuss any specific areas that need clarification.
I look forward to meeting you and sharing our time together.