Often when we catch the tide of change, we are well prepared for it. Despite the challenges, turmoil, excitement, possibilities and adrenalin rush, we know that change is for the better. However, sometimes it is natural to get caught in the feeling of being stuck, uncertain, confused, inadequate, indecisive, etc.

So, we dissect the scenario with the intention of empowering ourselves to change and often come to the conclusion that something needs to be addressed in order for us to progress.  We look back at past instances when we were stuck previously and realise that those times we shifted after addressing our issues from yesteryears. Through therapy, we understood ourselves and were able to let go and move forward, therefore we look to do the same this time round, trusting that because it worked so many times before, then it must work this time round.

We are living in a time when things are no longer the same and we find that fame, fortune and positions of power no longer have the same influence and impact. Therefore, for us to truly progress in this wonderful time of change, it is paramount that we review what we understand to be the master key that will open new doorways of possibilities and align ourselves with the changes ahead:
 1.Let go – clear out as much as we can. This can be on any level because when we do it on one level, the other is done simultaneously. Many people have felt urges to clean things out. Eg wjhen we clean our physical surroundings, we feel cleaner and freer inside.
 2.Be self aware – the internalisation of your awareness will reveal your own beacon for your destiny / life purpose / mission. This is the ReEmergence process.
 3.Be clear of your intention and purpose for what and who you choose to surround yourself with.
 4.Stop making goals. Goals are for beginners. Successful life travellers find themselves stuck when they make goals. Goals are like manuals. When you are an expert, manuals become a redundant tool.
 5.Stop believing in the trap of self sabotage. It is a myth that creates more problems than it is worth.
 6.End the need to understand. Trying to make sense of a situation only keeps you from on.
 7.Have time alone. Many have experienced an increased desire to be alone. Some have felt that they lack connection with others. This is OK. This time is needed to help you become clear of who you are and the role you wish to partake in this upcoming future. Give yourself this time to unfold and reveal what is within.
 8.Live and Let be – Stop trying to fix things. Everything has a purpose. Trust the process.

This may look like things we have already been working on. The difference now is in the freedom in which you can achieve this. It can be much more easier than we give ourselves credit for.